Why “The Optimistic Cynic” ?

Optimistic by nature, cynical by experience. People often ask me why I use the name “The Optimistic Cynic”. The simple answer is ‘the name picked me’ but here is what it really means for me: I’m a passionate believer that people basically want to do good. It’s not always easy but with the right support,Continue reading “Why “The Optimistic Cynic” ?”

Positive change is the ‘why’ for your thoughts

Thought leaders must generate conversations. Conversations must generate action. Actions must generate positive change This seems simple but whether it’s in business, social services or even politics, it provides a basic rule of thumb for what “thought leaders” should be striving for. Ideas are great, action has to follow but positive change is what it’sContinue reading “Positive change is the ‘why’ for your thoughts”

When the system punishes – a never ending story

I don’t usually do a follow up post but in this case I really want to share the ongoing frustrations our systems put people through. So in the first post we got to the stage where a benefit was cut because someone with an intellectual disability hadn’t completed a form that was never sent toContinue reading “When the system punishes – a never ending story”

What’s hiding the bright future!

I have just flipped through the presentations made to the NZ Disability Support Network annual conference last month. Conferences talk about great things and that saddens me. I’m sad not because I don’t want to see great support, transformational change and awesome outcomes. Quite the opposite. I’m sad because the current environment can’t supply sufficientContinue reading “What’s hiding the bright future!”