I recently saw an article about New Year work resolutions and one section of this was about finding a new career.

Amongst the advice was a suggestion that you should develop career goals and formulate an action plan. The authors then included the SMARTER system as something that could help with creating objectives.

Specific           Be as clear as you can and avoid ambiguous statements.

Measurable    Quantify what you must achieve.

Achievable     Motivate yourself but also keep your goals reachable.

Realistic          Be reasonable and keep your goals attainable so progress is achievable.

Timely             Create timeframes for completing steps.

Empowering Ensure your goals feel right for you and help you make the changes you want.

Reviewable    Keep your goals flexible so you can adjust to changing situations.

I’m happy to say that my goals simply don’t comply with this system. In fact, I can proudly attest to the fact that they fail completely when reviewed against it. To be fair, they are more than just career goals but they are what will drive and guide all of my career decisions.

I want the world to be a better place. I can’t describe it and I certainly can’t measure it.

This goal not only motivates me, it passionately drives me – but I don’t pretend that it’s achievable for me.

Is it realistic? Hell yes – but not in my life-time. How’s that for a timeframe!

How my goal looks and how I get there is absolutely flexible and reviewable. The goal itself is not!

I have blogged before about having a fuzzy vision. I can’t tell you how to get to my island but if I work hard, my island may find me.

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