Sorry but I won’t work with you

We all talk about values in our organisation, but how often do we use them to turn work away? I was writing up a business plan for a start-up and following conventional advice, I was defining who the target audience was. I was nailing down a good description when it hit me. For an authenticallyContinue reading “Sorry but I won’t work with you”

What a brilliant idea!

I came across this social enterprise and thought it was an absolutely brilliant concept. Recycling not only needs to use (often) large amounts of energy, it is also becoming increasingly problematic as supply out strips demand for the finished products. It’s great we all put plastics out for recycling but if they end up sittingContinue reading “What a brilliant idea!”

Maybe we need a physicist to solve our social issues…

“If you have one hour to save the world, how would you spend that hour?” He replied, “I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and then five minutes solving it.” This quote has been attributed to Einstein and, assuming it was him who said it, he makes a very valid point – one we should beContinue reading “Maybe we need a physicist to solve our social issues…”

Why “The Optimistic Cynic” ?

Optimistic by nature, cynical by experience. People often ask me why I use the name “The Optimistic Cynic”. The simple answer is ‘the name picked me’ but here is what it really means for me: I’m a passionate believer that people basically want to do good. It’s not always easy but with the right support,Continue reading “Why “The Optimistic Cynic” ?”

No going back

“There’s no going back to the old normal. Innovation, agility, resilience, and a lot of hard work will be required to build our new economy on a more sustainable basis post-Covid19. The people with experience doing this are entrepreneurs, and it’s never been more important to encourage and support entrepreneurial activity.” Join us in helpingContinue reading “No going back”

and now for something different…

Bustle’s view on a cynical optimist… You’re that person who has genuine faith in humanity, but also wants to cut the next jerk who jumps in front of you at a subway turnstile. You want to bake humanity a cake full of rainbows and butterflies, and occasionally you want to take that same cake andContinue reading “and now for something different…”