Solve the world over coffee

A one hour, informal chat over coffee to cover anything you want.

  • A sounding board. Sometimes all you need is to bounce your ideas off of someone independent.
  • A devil’s advocate – test your thoughts against my “yes but…”
  • Share your frustrations. Do you want to have a rant and dump some frustrations over coffee? Simply an ear and NOT a counselor or someone to fix things

Sounds simple and it is. There are so many consultants and experts out there who are happy to meet with you and their objective is to get work off of you. I believe in the power of free thought and my objective is to allow you to sow or grow your owns seeds in your mind. If they’re your seeds, you’re the expert not me. If your passion can explode without any further help from me, I see that as win.

$30 plus one soy lattePhone


Story Telling

Do you have a story that needs telling but don’t know where to start? Let me help you get the words down so you can share it with the world.

Many people can write, but can they extract your passion and illustrate what’s important to you?

$50 per hour or a quoted price for a piece of work




Sustainable Communities – a guide for business

Social Enterprises – support the good work

Good Business – giving words to your passion

Disability – One man’s views and opinions


Please get in touch and let’s have a chat…