Opportunity awaits just through that door

Many of us ‘paper shufflers’ (ie office workers) are still doing our standard hours albeit working from home not the office. This is all well and good but the simple fact is we don’t deserve a medal, rather we should be getting a good kick up the backside! Very few of us are in rolesContinue reading “Opportunity awaits just through that door”


Lately I’ve been really enjoying helping others on their various journeys. Well I would define it more as more supporting and being a sounding board. Being a “sounding board” has been so rewarding and something I’m keen to keep on doing – so I thought I’d do a bit of up-skilling. Mentoring is only oneContinue reading “Mentoring”

Do introverts hate networking?

First off – let’s stop stereotyping. You simply cannot make such broad and sweeping statements about roughly half the population. Remember the old saying “label jars not people”? Well that applies to any label you are think of using! Secondly let’s stop making assumptions about what networking is, and where it takes place. A 19Continue reading “Do introverts hate networking?”

To Profit or Not to Profit

Rob Campbell comments to a financial analysists conference were reported in Stuff He made the very valid point that “Business is not a machine whose purpose is to spit out money to shareholders in a reliable stream forever“. I saw this article on LinkedIn and thought I’d add my views… Business is just a resource.Continue reading “To Profit or Not to Profit”