Opportunity awaits just through that door

Many of us ‘paper shufflers’ (ie office workers) are still doing our standard hours albeit working from home not the office.

This is all well and good but the simple fact is we don’t deserve a medal, rather we should be getting a good kick up the backside!

Very few of us are in roles where lives depend on us doing 8 – 10 hours work a day.  We also need to remember that businesses rely more on customers than the documents, spreadsheets and zoom calls that we spend our time doing. The sad fact is, we’re really not that essential in the greater scheme of things.

Do our organisations really expect the same level of output during a lockdown? It’s not very likely, most are far more human than that. And if they do – I’m sorry but it says something about what’s important to you if you keep working in a place like that.

I’ve posted before about a favourite old saying that spent many years pinned to the wall in front of my desk “your family prefers your presence to your presents”.

Amongst the very real problems and issues resulting from covid-19 lockdowns, we still need to find the positives. The biggest positive is just through that door – please open it and say hi to your family.

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