You are a deep thinker and when you are silent it’s because you are never the one to “show off” the many many things you have done for our communities. As an introvert, what you say carries weight. The substance of a speech is never about the volume but the thoughts and qualifications as in if your actions qualified your words. In this case, your words are worth their weight in gold.

You often remind me of the Einstein quote “you can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it”.  This is sort of your vibe.  You bust open the thinking that created it by clearly defining the (often hidden) root cause and innovative, do-able solution ideas.

It’s really about how to make impossible things work…unsticking the stuck. You have both belief in possibility, and discernment/pragmatism.

Talking from personal experience. You allow me a safe time and place to share ideas and you pick up my throw away comments if they have value, you ask the right questions.  Sometime I do get the feeling that your are thinking more than you are saying, and I love that some of your ideas come after we meet (that is your intellection)

David this is amazing thinking!  I feel like you’ve unlocked the link I’ve been looking for myself. I love the blog post too :). Absolutely will add to (transform) what I am doing!

Reading your paper made me excited all over again for authenticity…no matter what the message is…

 Words that come to mind: Quiet Genius, sage, Mentor

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