Your suppliers, your partners

Currently there is a lot of business advice around establishing genuine relationships with your customers. Really this is a no-brainer as customers are the very life blood of your company. If you have no customers, you have no business. If this advice is so sensible, why not take it a step further and look toContinue reading “Your suppliers, your partners”

Transforming the world for a better future

Really pleased to have received my ExO Foundations Certification. Digitise, disrupt, demonetise and democracies – it’s all about exponential growth. Working through the process certainly made me stop and think about the way we currently do things, and how we really do need to change our thinking if we want to seriously see exponential growth.Continue reading “Transforming the world for a better future”

It’s still gold

Almost 10 years on, what Sir Paul Callaghan said while presenting in March 2011 still holds true. We need to understand the true drivers for our economy – and even back then he knew it wasn’t tourism or politician identified ‘knowledge’. Niche tech – as identified and researched by entrepreneurs, not bureaucrats and certainly notContinue reading “It’s still gold”

Own your mistakes

We all know the theoretical strategies for when mistakes happen and for most, they’re easy to implement for the little things. The latest raft of issues about our covid-19 response however, highlights so many things NOT to do. Now this isn’t a political discussion because I’m pretty sure the poor handling of the mistakes couldContinue reading “Own your mistakes”