Your suppliers, your partners

Currently there is a lot of business advice around establishing genuine relationships with your customers. Really this is a no-brainer as customers are the very life blood of your company. If you have no customers, you have no business. If this advice is so sensible, why not take it a step further and look toContinue reading “Your suppliers, your partners”

Transforming the world for a better future

Really pleased to have received my ExO Foundations Certification. Digitise, disrupt, demonetise and democracies – it’s all about exponential growth. Working through the process certainly made me stop and think about the way we currently do things, and how we really do need to change our thinking if we want to seriously see exponential growth.Continue reading “Transforming the world for a better future”

Speak Out! Take Action!

While only a brief mention here on our television news, the football team San Diego Loyal’s move to walk off the pitch midway through a game following a alleged homophobic slur against one of their players certainly brought international attention to the issue. Allegations of racist and homophobic insults have of course been made before,Continue reading “Speak Out! Take Action!”