A better world through great business.

I have a very simple view that businesses need communities and communities need businesses.

The idea for The Optimistic Cynic came about from the desire to help both develop, grow and flourish.

For businesses, I bring a passion for our communities

For communities, I bring business skills and knowledge

For businesses and communities, I bring common sense and enthusiasm



About Me

csc-buying-group-cambridge-linkedin-7Having been a CEO, Operations Manager, Business Support Coordinator as well as holding a range of other line and senior management roles, I’ve learnt how the commercial world operates. Business and organisations are where my skills are.

I have also been active in the community with roles in health, disability, sports and family organisations. Increasingly I have also taken an active interest in the concept of sustainable communities and this is where my passion lies.

David Slone – Your Optimistic Cynic


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