I have a very simple view that business needs communities and communities need business. When both do well, the world is a better place!

My passion is to help them both develop and grow – so that we can all flourish.

About Me


By nature an optimist, by experience a cynic.

With over 30 years in leadership positions across a range of sectors, I’ve seen many different business models in action.

My experience includes being a CEO, an Operations Manager, a Project Manager and a Business Support Coordinator. Irrespective of title or role, management has always been a common function throughout my career.

I’m currently the Director Strategy and Performance at CSC Buying Group Ltd, a New Zealand based social enterprise.

I’ve also been very active in the community, undertaking roles in health, disability, sports and family organisations.

Increasingly my interest has focused on the concept of sustainable communities and the fundamental belief that business is a resource for doing good.

This is where my passion lies.

David Slone – Your Optimistic Cynic

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