Your Sounding Board

Think of this as mentoring in a very flexible way.

Sometimes all you need is to bounce your ideas off someone. Brainstorming, random thoughts, mind mapping, what ever you wish to call it, sharing your ideas and then talking about them in a free and relaxed manner can work wonders.

I can challenge your thinking and ask those silly questions. I can also provide fresh thinking and raise other ideas from another perspective. Who knows where the conversation may take us.

With over 30 years management experience, I can also be that ‘wise old head’ mentoring you as you travel along your business journey. Getting to know you and your business, I can be that non-judgmental voice you can lean on for support and guidance.

From a one-off chat through to ongoing working together on your project, I can be there as much or as little as you require.

I believe in the power of free thought and my objective is to allow you to sow or grow your owns seeds. If they’re your seeds, you’re the expert, not me.

Let’s start with a cup of coffee and a chat. Contact me

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