The Bounce Programme

Think of this as having a sounding board, coach, mentor and motivator rolled into a single cup of coffee.

Sounding board: a person you run things by, or someone you turn to for advice.

Talk to me about your ideas, or issues – let’s explore them together.

  • Test your ideas and theories
  • Nut out solutions to the issues you’re facing
  • Speculate on a new future

My aim is to explore and reflect your thinking, to add to it and then to help you plot a way forward.

But wait, there’s more…

Mentoring, coaching or supporting, I’m here to help you.

My approach is to

  • Believe that anything is possible
  • Clarify the problem.  I feel that this is the biggest step that people miss yet it’s vital.
  • We can then go about creating “Impossible” solutions…fresh and tailored to the issue/circumstance
  • Co-create.  This isn’t me telling or advising, it’s a dynamic process between you and me. Together we can create something that neither of us would come up with, without our conversations
  • Solutions with structure. The thing many entrepreneurial brains lack

From a one-off chat through to ongoing working together on your project, I can be there as much or as little as you require.

I believe in the power of free thought and my objective is to allow you to sow or grow your owns seeds. If they’re your seeds, you’re the expert, not me.

Why me?

  • Broad knowledge of the resourcing and things that are possible in business
  • Ability to think of and plan for new paradigms
  • Outcome-focused strategy (not pie in the sky)
  • Ability to see and support the PERSON and their vision
  • Encouragement/belief in the person and what is possible
  • Helping to create excitement and momentum (in a very grounded way–with suggested actions!)

Let’s start with a cup of coffee and a chat. Contact me

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