An awesome tool

The Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment has released a draft document on the future of business for New Zealand – and this is now open for consultation.

One of the trends being examined is purpose led business – something that should be of interest to all of us. Have a read here and I encourage you to provide feedback (especially if you disagree with anything written).

The forward states:

Purpose-led business is an umbrella term for businesses that strive to achieve wider outcomes than just profit. This trend is not new, but its popularity has increased with the pervasiveness of issues like digitalisation, globalisation, climate change, and questions about equity. MBIE considers this operating mode can be a useful tool for businesses looking to be part of all-of-society approaches to critical issues.

Sounds good but let’s change the words “can be a useful tool” to “is definitely an awesome tool” and this is a great starting point.

Come on – get involved…

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