If we look at LinkedIn and other business environments, we’re all there putting out advice or ‘wise words’. Congratulating ourselves, our teams or our contacts on some success.

When was the last time you saw a post asking for help, advice or support? I’m not talking about the odd post about which name or graphic looks the best. I’m talking about situations where we genuinely don’t know what to do and we need help to solve an issue.

Are we still asking for help, just not in a way that everyone sees we’re seeking it? Or are we basically stubborn and despite the advice we give, we’re still not good at asking for it ourselves?

Obviously, the reality is all of the above.

Asking for help in a non-public way makes sense. What really concerns me though are cases where people don’t realise that they need help, or do realise but are afraid to ask (or worse still, don’t think that they are worthy of others help).

Of course the next logical question is… are we asking the right people to help us?

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