Missing the point

Someone on LinkedIn posted about “why CEOs’ are still missing the point on social impact”  My view is that the answer is “how long is a piece of string” There is never one reason and never one solution but I did contribute a couple of views: In our (NZ) context, SME’s can struggle to seeContinue reading “Missing the point”

Thanks Eco Friend

Being very busy with my full time ‘day job’, I haven’t been out and about in the social enterprise / purposeful business space for a while (apart from with CSC Buying Group of course).   When you’re head down, it’s easy to forget about the truly awesome stuff happening out there.  This is why it’sContinue reading “Thanks Eco Friend”

Are we doing this wrong?

More and more we’re asking ourselves, how can we support the new generation of social entrepreneur.   The Gen Y’s (and an increasing number of Gen Z’s) are setting up businesses with a goal of making the world a better place. Environmental, community, health, whatever drives their passion also inspires them to be creative aroundContinue reading “Are we doing this wrong?”

With business, not against business

Attending a conference about sustainable business, it quickly became apparent that the approach of this conference (and the attendees) was very much about environmental sustainability, how important it was and the fact that business just has to come on-board. The message of the conference was, this is how bad the problem is, now you goContinue reading “With business, not against business”

Growing The New Wave

How we can grow and develop our social sector A white paper from The Optimistic Cynic    End Fragmentation We need genuine collaboration towards shared goals. Organisational interests need to take a back seat in our drive to achieve these goals. We need to look for partners outside of our specific sector to broaden ourContinue reading “Growing The New Wave”