I have a cunning plan

My goal is “A world where business and purpose collide”. Basically, this means a world where we have thriving communities supported by thriving businesses.

This is an optimistic goal, and one where the cynic says hang-on, I can’t change the world. This is true, but my cunning plan is to help other people change the world. I simply need to influence, support and enable changemakers. Give them the tools and encouragement them to do their thing.

I love this quote from Great Leaders & Organizations Have a Just Cause​ (2019). It sums up my view on the goal I’ve set myself:

“Idealistic It’s not about becoming the biggestthe best or number one.  It’s not about reaching some arbitrary revenue target, even if it is huge. It is about pursuing something that is infinite – for all intents and purposes you will not ever attain it. It is, indeed, a vision and not a goal. And as you make progress toward that better future state you imagine; you will be able to feel and measure your momentum. A Just Cause is an ideal. It is something so noble that we would be willing to devote our lives and careers toward advancing it. And, when our careers are over, the Just Cause can live on and serve to inspire further progress; that can be our legacy.”

I can’t change the world – but I want to support others so that they can

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