A new inductee to induction…

Over halfway through a six-week training/induction programme with Stats NZ. I’ve never had such an educational and long lead in time when starting a new job and it’s very different.

Technically this is probably the perfect way to start a new job and certainly the research shows that a proper onboarding programme can make the world of difference to new employees.

Getting to know your colleagues and the subject matter prior to leading a team is probably very wise, especially when all the staff will also be new recruits.

Previously I’ve always just been thrown in the deep end – and to be fair, it’s probably the way I like it. Bit of confusion, bit of crisis and lots of unknowns. Finding your way around and making contact with key people is half the fun, especially if there’s some urgency to what you’re doing. Having said that, I definitely know that this is the wrong approach (my brain says structure but my heart loves a bit of chaos).

Not every organisation could allow the time for such an intensive induction, nor have the resources to provide it – that’s one of the advantages working for a government agency that is embarking on a very significant project.

The team at Stats NZ have done a great job organisation this and it makes me wonder why SME’s don’t take onboard some of this thinking. Sure not to the same extent, but it’s an area we should be thinking about more.

One of the things that can be done in common, and another thing Stats has done right, is the leaders spending time to repeatedly share their passion and purpose. If  nothing else is retained by the new staff, they should at least come away with that emotional buzz.

The great bunch of new Area Managers

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