Sometimes you feel so powerless that you just want to rant.

Last night I saw the end of Police 10-7 and the story of yet another sexual assault on a young woman.

These low lives make up such a small percentage of men but there’s enough of them that you can’t blame women for including all of us as ‘the problem’.

I know it’s not fair, but I’ve always told my daughters not to walk alone at night (not that they need telling). People may think I’m odd but I will always proactively offer to walk a woman home/to the station/wherever if they’re leaving an event alone at night (obviously only those that know me – for those that don’t I try and suggest someone else) – even though it shouldn’t be necessary.

If I’m walking at night and see a woman by herself, I will cross the road or ensure I keep my distance so I don’t freak her out.

I don’t know anyone who has shown an attitude towards women that they would even consider assaulting one (of course most wouldn’t show it).

Women tend not to want men discussing this with them – they are the victims and we are the perpetrators. “Not all men” simply doesn’t cut it.

So I do what I can but at the end of the day, it’s nothing. We have this big problem with men, but as a man I also feel so powerless to help.

This sort of topic isn’t what this blog is for, and it’s not an attempt to deflect from the victims. It’s simply a vent for my frustration.

We can send people to space and split an atom we can’t even see – but we can’t stop ferals walking our streets!

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