Hi, I’m David and I’m a shallow thinker

I was going to post the meme below at some stage with a brief statement in support of the quiet ones. As a self-confessed introvert, I have been a little noisy of late about the strength of the silent ones. It’s time we recognised that volume does not always equate to value.

Memes are great for simple messages and thoughts, they’re easy to share and tend to be in picture form making them readily viewed online.

It’s no use being clever and trying to do deep analysis on a meme – the point is they’re simple and should be read that way. Just share them and carry on…

I know you know this is coming BUT

The reason I’m advocating for introverts is because we need diversity of thinking, strengths and experiences. This is also why I’m often commenting on the very narrow focus we tend to take when talking about diversity in business and governance.

I like this meme, but the reality is we need noisy destruction as well as silent growth.

If the tree did not fall, the seed could not grow in the space it left behind. A fallen tree provides space and food- both are important for growth.

Destruction and noise, or maybe more pointedly for business disruption and vocal passion are necessary ingredients – as is deep thinking and quiet determination.

All things in balance

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