Do something

I have just attended a Waster Workshop hosted by Mainstream Green and the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce – enabled by the WDC.

I’ve been a bit flat lately (the concussion didn’t help but that’s another story) but you simply can’t help but be inspired by Nicola Turner talking so passionately and practically about reducing waste.

What really struck me, in addition to all of the sage advice from Nicky, was how easy it is to use the same concepts and energy to support people and communities as well as reducing waste.

If we want a great world to live in, we need to support people, community and the environment. We need all parts to be healthy and sustainable.

Nicky is fantastic and all organisations need to listen to people like her – it’s easy to do better and fundamentally I believe we all want that.

Waste recycle management, energy saving awareness, ecological sustainability and tree planting concept: Elements of this image furnished by NASA

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