The current dilemma

As we come out of the lock down, will you pursue business wherever you can find it? The very survival of your company is at stake – as is the income your team, and their families, rely on. Shouldn’t you be doing everything possible to put bread on the table – and allow your people to do the same?

On the other hand, will you take this opportunity to conduct business only with those who share your values or purpose? It is a chance to reset and refocus – why not seize the moment and bring alive your passion? If you’re willing to ignore your values at a time of crisis – are they really your values? Now is the time to prove it.

With my passion for purpose, it’s easy to sit back and say “this is the time to start the journey towards a better world. Let’s not go back to a rampant, anything goes business environment”.

But – if it comes down to base survival of your business, and the people who rely on it, do I really have the right to ask you to take that risk?

Yes I want a world full of purposeful businesses – but if we want thriving communities, we need thriving businesses.

I can’t answer this dilemma for you, all I can do is offer my support and to trust that you will make the right decision – based on your specific situation.

Go well and trust yourself.






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