Hear ye, hear ye

Those that know me, or have even met me briefly, will be aware that self-promotion is simply ‘not my thing’. It really is one of my many weaknesses.

That being the case, you will appreciate how important this post is to me.

I’ve written a book!

This post isn’t about sales nor is it about having my one minute of fame. This is me saying that I have had some thoughts that I truly believe are worth listening to. Thoughts that could make a difference to you and your communities.

Touch Point – Seven business strategies for a better world

I’m passionate about using business as a resource for doing good. It’s not hard and it’s not expensive. It just takes a little bit of thought and the desire to support the world around you.

With a bit of common sense and passion, your organisation can be a champion of your community!

This is a business book, very much aimed at the management market. It tells the story of how we can operate all of our organisations so that they can play their part in building sustainable communities, using sensible strategic and operational processes

The model that I developed focuses on seven key areas of business and provides a clear, easy to follow framework for identifying strategies to achieve both social and business outcomes.

Ultimately, the Touch Point model is just one tool that can support businesses to move into “The Zone” – the place where business and purpose collide. A place where passionate causes drive businesses and businesses enable passionate causes.

The book is currently at the printers so isn’t far away from becoming a reality. It’s taken a long time to get to this point and it’s taken some great people supporting me – but the end is in sight.

I can now cast aside any hesitation and announce to the world – I’m an author, I have written a book and if you’re in business, I think you’ll enjoy reading it!

Touch Point – Seven business strategies for a better world

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