Next Meeting

1:00, Thursday 8 May

Interactionz, 113C Ruakura Lane , Hamilton (Innovation Park)

Join us for networking, information and continuing to talk about the future.

Our speaker is Camilla Carty-Melis.  (Environmental Consultant, NZ Sustainable Business Network and GoEco Waikato). zoom245x245z100000cw245

Camilla will be talking about sustainability. If we want to see a better world, we need to get our own houses in order and it’s not difficult for every organisation to make an effort in this space.

Looking for inspiration for ideas on potential new businesses? Environmental sustainability offers a huge range of opportunities. For a start up, it’s a huge wave to catch and ride


Let’s keep this moving!


Trust Waikato are running a Community Impact Event – Measuring Impact presented by two international experts, Michael Weinstein and Aunnie Patton Power. Michael and Aunnie will be sharing their knowledge around effectively measuring community impact and impact investing.


Have a look at where we’re up to… A Presentation on the ZONE

A LinkedIn article to encourage more businesses to pop along.  Read more

Our Supporters




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